1950 Airfloat Rescue Part 2

Since we had several weeks until the trip to pick her up, Todd took this time to repack the bearings, etc. We also purchased new tires and rims for her trip back to Sonoma County

They started the weekend by getting her hubs back in, and the new tires and rims installed.


Lesson 1 in Trailer Trash Life: Always repack the bearings on a trailer that has been sitting for a length of time. Bearings that have dried up grease or *gasp* no grease at all can freeze up. To make this simpler…..the wheel stops moving or can heat up and start a fire. Really. This happens. The last thing you want on your newly found treasure is a 4-alarm trailer-que. Todd will even stop periodically and check to make sure the hubs are not hot on a newly acquired trailer. Women can do this too! If you own a trailer, learn to pack your bearings! There are a million YouTube videos out there that shows you how to repack bearings on a trailer. If requested, we can make one as well and post it. The internet is your tool!

Let’s get back to our story.

Due to the water damage in her rear, she had to be shored up from the inside to travel. We wanted to make sure she made it home in one piece. Todd, unfortunately, forgot to get a photo of this.

The Airfloat was brought in before they built the house. The house was built in front of the Airfloat, so the trailer had to go out backwards, over a ditch and through the woods. Trees and brush and to be cut down to get her out. It took a day to prep the route she had to leave by.


She had to be backed slowly out. It was a tight squeeze between 2 trees.

It took 2 and a half hours to back her out 200 feet. Todd took his time to limit any possible damage to her or the land. After 36 years she was free of her woodsy trappings.


She was pulled out with our Jeep Cherokee due to the tight spot she was in. The Jeep could fit without doing damage to the surrounding landscape and had better maneuverability while backing her out.



They left the next morning for the 7-hour trip home. They stopped at the closest town, only to me mobbed by several people, asking questions.


She practically pushed the tow vehicle home. The tow vehicle and our Jeep, however, had different ideas, but that is a story for another day.

She (somehow) made it to Sonoma County in one piece. I could not help but giggle every time I walked by my front door and saw this as I passed


She was registered and tucked away for the winter.


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