Feeling Defeated


We started the process of stripping her down. We counted latches, hinges, etc. We knew these things were going to take some time to find.

Todd and I took photos of things that we would need to reference back to, once everything started to go back on..

Todd had started to rebuild the walls in place, after her rear was supported and level. He had to do this in place due to 2 factors.: The first one being that he did not have a shop floor to lay them out on, the second one was if he removed the walls, the ends were so rotten that they would fall apart. He needed them in place for a template. If the curve was not done right, he would have to start over….and that would be a lot of work.  This was definitely not his preferred way to do this, but when working on trailers, sometimes you make due.


The cabinets were kept in place as well. They are part of the support system for the walls. If they had been removed, the walls would not have been able to hold themselves up. So the cabinets stayed in place until the walls were built and ready to remove. She was beginning to look like a bomb had it hit her.

This process seemed to take forever. I think we had started to feel defeated. There was so much still to do, and we had not made it to the frame yet. Time was sparse, the Holidays were coming, and we had not made any progress (it seemed).

We made a promise to ourselves that the new year we would dedicate to the Airfloat.



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